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Fishing is an outdoor fitness for young and old, most of the fishermen want to catch the fish did not move. Fishing during the spring and autumn the best season is all the year round, because a lot of hot summer DiaoYou out fishing harvest is bad, often in the summer in some reservoir lakes wild pond fishing if you want to have a good harvest, you must prepare a fish finder, do you have any fish, first check fish, at least know about, this helps to prevent an empty fish white fish!

Tools/raw material
A fish finder
A fishing rod
1 the line tie probe, cooperate with fishing rod, place the probe on the fishing point location detection
2 use with playing nest boat is better!
3. The automatic distinguish between big and small screen display directly: screen direct graphic display different large and small fish, let you can be directly tell the underwater fish or fish!
4. The bottom height curve display, water temperature, fish digital display bit depth
5. Optional with electric probe power enhanced machine (for details, please contact customer service) : have a charging probe, vast distances wireless distance of 60-80 meters high cost performance and the most flexible configuration!
6. Muddy water can be normal ground fish: detection distance is not affected by turbidity water depth can reach 40 meters, is the only of the best fish natural water stereo equipment!
Matters needing attention
Pay attention to the probe to twist the fish finder, could fill
When using the wireless sonar exploration fish device tight detector with rope or you will be washed away

Divided into English and Russian versions

Through this product can quickly confirm whether there are fish here, the location of the fish/quantity/depth, master of fishing is a good helper
Working principle: the use of ultrasonic transducer transmit signal, through the air or water, the use of ultrasonic contact in the water
To the signal, and then through the internal processor, finally displayed on the screen.
Product features: wireless remote control sonar fish
Depth detection: 120Feet (35 m) /2Feet (0.7 m), (1 m)
2) wireless probe: beam angle 90-degree
3) display the screen: 41Wx48H
4) background light: white light background
5) sonar frequency: 125KHz
6) temperature: Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees Celsius
7) wireless remote control distance: 80 meters
8) battery: 4XAAA
9) battery indicator
5) sensitivity 10 level adjustment function, the direct display of fish size sensitivity, the higher the fish can also be detected, on the contrary, small fish are automatically filtered out
11) clear fish portrait and alarm function
12) display the bottom contour function in real time
13) foot and meter unit swap function
14) temperature display function
(15) waterproof design: Level – 4 spray – water – proof)
16) automatic storage function, as long as the set time,
17) the detection head leaves the water surface to automatically close the probe work.
Working temperature range: to 158F -4F (-20C-70C) ()

1) where the fishing detector to use?
A: this product is the latest high-tech electronic products, suitable for ponds, rivers, the sea and fishing environment.
2) using range is how much? Effect is good?
Answer: detection range is to probe for the center, out of a 90 degree angle radiation and can reach depths of up to 100 meters. This product is now selling, the use effect is very good
3) why do you want to buy this product, with this product fishing is also interesting?
Answer: with this product, you don’t have to go to for Wo selected fish and spend time and energy the, you can and you play against a friend who catch, who catch, in short, only you have used this product in order for you to truly experience the fun.
4) when used, what information can be displayed on the screen?
Answer: the screen can show you now fishing locations of the depth of the water, fish in which depth of water, which a few fish. For the size of the fish can through adjusting sensitivity to see directly, when setting your sensitivity is high, the fish can be displayed, when setting is low and only shows the big fish.
5) the using method of shallow water fishing?
Answer: can do horizontal scanning shore shallow waters, although the water depth is only a couple of meters, but can be in any direction of the level of 100 meters for fish season and precise range measurements, for the majority of the fishing provides a reliable information.
6) this machine easily broken?
Answer: this machine is waterproof design, the use of performance is stable, if you really have any quality problem, replacement, new within a year, five years for the guaranteed repair, it’s all free!

Additional information

Detecting Range:

0.6-73 Meter



Power Source:

DC 10V-18V

Sonar Coverage:

90 degree

Power Input:


Sonar Frequency:

Wireless: 125Khz

Brand Name:


Item NO.:





1.77inch TFT color LCD

Back lighting:

On/off White LED

Depth Capability:


Wireless Sonar:

90 degrees beam angle in 125Khz

Wireless operational Range:



3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries

Waterproof design:


Wireless Sensor battery reauirement:

one replaceable CR2032 battery


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